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We kept on hearing about ‘how’ and ‘what’ to apply to stop hair loss but at the end we are left without solution.
With the Solution elaborated in an explanatory form, one can easily find out
* What’s the real cause of hair loss
* Ways in eradicating it’s causes.
With that, one can easily be set free from all sorts of prescribed product which are dangerous to our health.

Do you really know that hair loss have an effect on our health?.
It’s one of the factor that discomforts the body. It will eventually disorganized what you intended doing. I’m a good witness to this problem for years. During those years, I was restless, looking for solutions to the problem. It really affected me. But at a stage I became well aspired to research more on it, which later gave me a result that filled those moments I wasted to ignorance.
After my research, I came up with a tangible result that needs to be shared. It really helped me, now, I can boldly walk round the street teaching about this finding because it can be evidently seen on my hair.

This particular cure requires some procedure. You can’t just successfully see its appearance overnight but it’s absolutely possible to have your hair re-grow, just with time. Though, many marketers can boost their products with fascinated ‘hyping’ like how it can instantly re-grow your hair etc. in order to get the heart of the buyers. But the real FACT is, one can never re-grow his/her hair overnight, it requires time to fill up.

During my research and its application, it took me two years to have a satisfactory grown hair. So, if you are still with the notion of ‘overnight panadol’, please kindly count me off because I can’t tell you what’s not real.
I am sure you have noticed that losing your hair was a gradual process this is because every time your hair went through a growth cycle the follicle grew smaller and weaker and your hair grew thinner and finer. eventually closing down completely
Kindly, discover what’s really the cause of the stunted growth, critically examine what you apply daily either cream or already prescribed product, verify whether they are the cause or not. Then search for reasonable solution to that.BUY NOW

The primary aim of this website is to lead you to a good path. Many has gone astray to purchase some product which had nothing to cure. Rather one is left with some body damages caused by such product. But we are here to give you an answer, both to the causes of those problem and it’s solution.

Our bodies comprises of many hormones like Testosterone which keeps our bodies and hair healthy. 5-Alpha Reductase (5AR) is an enzymes that rest in the tissue around the hair follicles that transform hormones and optimize it.
So, if you are suffering from hair loss. It means, you have Dihydrotestosterone problem (DHT). It will weaken the hair follicle and cause to it’s abnormality.






1) Surgery
This is never an option. Don’t ever think of following this means to stop hair loss, rather it will dry up your pocket, and also end up with scarring on your scalp, which will finally wouldn’t allow hair to ever grow again.


2) Hair Loss Treatment Centers
There is no center that can promise immediate eradication of this problem. Rather you will serve as a victim to those roaming Lion looking for whom to prey on.
For so many years now, am yet to see those centers that has successfully recorded absolute solution to baldness.

3) OTC Products
Some product works out for some people but to many, it disrupts body natural processes. products like Rogaine, Procerin, Propecia, etc.
it can go a long way to treat those symptoms and damages but be more assured that you will have to continue to use these products for the rest of your life. Because if you stop, that’s the beginning of another fall out.
So be mindful of what you use or apply.

During my years of suffering, I became more afraid when ever the doctor justifies my problem to having no solution. With a lot of prescription to see if we can treat the ill. But month by month, my hair get thinner and thinner. With the frustration I became Disappointed with doctors prescription and got motivated to solely research on my problem.




As a researcher, I consulted some specialist like physicians, endocrinologist, reproductive endocrinologist and dermatologists etc. I read many articles and journals. Gone far and wide which yielded a solution and reverse my hair loss. All you have to do is follow a simple, logical plan to restore your body’s internal health and treat your baldness from the source of your problem.
With this result, one can be able to get cured. It will not just stop the symptom, it will drastically reduce the extensiveness of DHT and re-grow your hair.

This hair loss black book will help you to understand how to deal with your Hair loss. Get it here

Always prevent DHT to be stored on your scalp, so that your hormones wouldn’t be violated.
Keep your body system in healthy where it’s enzymes works effectively for the proper optimization of DHT.

* Food- the food you eat can affect your hair loss. Be cautious on what you consume because it determines your body hormonal imbalance.

* What you apply on your body- always be mindful on what you should be doing and what you should always be applying.

* Exercise- make it as a hobby because it helps to prevent the creation of DHT and stop it before it ever reaches your scalp.

* Diet- learn how to eat nutritional food and avoid excess oils from your scalp

* Use anti- biotic products (soap, cream etc) and also shampoo.

* Study more about Saw Palmetto to know how good it seems.

With these plan, one can get an effective result to his/her baldness. It will only take time but it must work out.

My research, after the study will eventually make you to be conscious of doctor’s prescription, not to be convinced by marketers, rather you will take a step by yourself naturally that will yield a result instead of those OTC products.
It took me years to research, which the result showed that non of those product or Doctor prescription can cure it. Rather the only way for you to regenerate hair growth is to change the way your body processes the excess hormones and enzymes that causes hair loss.and you will begin to see the results for yourself click here

Hair Loss Black Book is a book that explains everything about hair loss, it covers all the details about your body’s ability to re-grow hair. It will help you to understand how your problem with DHT began and what unique challenges your might experience while overcoming DHT.

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  1. Norman says:

    This is one of the most distasteful experience to have and that is the loss of one’s hair. So many people are facing this issue and don’t know what to do. There are expensive products that offer solutions and there are the not so expensive ones. What you are using is really good and will give persons hope that is facing hair lost

    1. admin says:

      Yes. The product I’m using serves good to my scalp.

      Thanks very much .

  2. Norman says:

    Hair loss is a challenge that so many people are facing and if the truth could be told there are many so-called solutions to this problem that has popped up, over the years.
    it is so good to have nice healthy shiny hair that is growing makes a person feel really good. Your post is a good help to bring relief to many that are facing this issue.

    1. admin says:

      thanks Norman.

      People inherit baldness. It’s determined by genes mostly.  And the so called solution can’t stop it either. Shampooing does not accelerate balding or poor circulation does not cause hair loss and massaging doesn’t stop it. The main problem with those acclaimed treatment is the need to keep applying it even to the extend it can even aid to cause unwanted hair growth. So, diet and Daily consumption of Vitamin, is the SOLUTION.

  3. Alexander says:

    I would never consider surgery, but I might consider Hair Loss Treatment Centers or OTC products, but they are very expensive.

    This book seems to be the perfect answer at a reasonable cost, but I am not sure I can implement the strategies like perfect diet and exercise.

    Hair loss is a frustrating problem and I hope your solution is a quality fix for the problem.

    1. admin says:

      Following This tips and reading up the book can  save you from the harmful effects and causes of hair loss.
      It’s good for your decision in using Hair loss Treatment Center or OTC product rather than Considering Surgery as an option. But when buying any cosmetic products Always check the harsh ingredients that it contains. Let’s not only focus on the Price and brand and most possibly the directions on how to use it.

  4. Reinaldo says:

    I’d love to see a cure for baldness. I have lost most of my hair but it doesn’t bother me. I’m used to it by now and somehow find it a convenience not to have to worry about grooming much. Although, a full head of hair is always more attractive and healthful looking. I may check the Black Book. I don’t have any serious expectations on any solution offered out there though.

    1. admin says:

      Yea try and check on the Black Book.

      With those Cure pinned down, which  actually
      work. . It would make sense that biotin, a B vitamin readily found
      in hair, skin, and nails, could help hair grow more quickly. And
      caffeine is a stimulant that works in coffee, so rubbing some on your
      scalp might wake some of those sleepy follicles.

      thanks very much for your comment!

  5. Emmanuel Buysse says:

    Very informative article, since hair loss is one of the biggest issues in someones life.

    Now, I don’t lose hair yet, but there’s no way I would do a surgery, I already get afraid by thinking it.

    I was considering to do treatments, but as you state, those are costly and having no idea if they work, it is not so good as well.

    I will order this book since the tips that are in it looks very good, and can prevent me to lose hair in a later stage.

    Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. admin says:

      Hair Surgery is never an option but you can READ THIS

      Going bald is a common concern for many guys, and estimates show that roughly two-thirds of men will start losing their hair by their mid-30s. While some men might embrace the change and shave their heads, others may seek out treatments to slow hair loss.

      does anything actually work? yea. CHECK THESE LINK

      Hair Damages and Remedies

      Best Food For Hair Growth

      Vitamins for hair growth

      You can as well check the Black Book, it has alot to educate you.

      thanks Very much for commenting!

  6. Hair loss is an interesting topic. I heard that someone who is bald on the back of the head is sexy, bald on the front is intelligent and bald all over is both sexy and intelligent. 

    It  is OK for a man to go bald but much worse for a woman.  For a woman her hair is her crowning glory . Guys look Ok without hair so it is not such a  big deal except they need to keep their scalp covered when in the sun or they may end up with skin cancers.

    I was pleased to read that you found an explanation for hair  loss, Dihydrotestosterone problem (DHT)  and a cure. As you said it took some time but as they say good things come to those who wait. You have done the right thing sharing this knowledge because there are many people who have wasted copious amounts of money trying to resolve this problem.

    The black book you have suggested seems to be a must read for anyone concerned about hair loss. I have learned through reading this that hair loss is the consequence of excess hormones and enzymes in the body. 


    1. admin says:

      Hi Judy,

      thanks very much for commenting.

      the Black Book is really meant for all.

      yea,Hair is one of the first physical traits especially in women.

      So it can be distressing for them to experience hair loss, which is common among many people at some point in their lives. Although their hair loss can often attributed to genetics factors. But nevertheless, it can be control!

      thanks once again!

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