C Ronaldo haircut – well fascinated

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C. Ronaldo, Juventus star has always been an exemplary figure on hair styling

New face of Ronaldo
Stylist figure

Do you know C. Ronaldo spends almost $400 on hair styling

Ronaldo in Juventus

Do you know why I love Cristiano Ronaldo. His haircut always fascinate his fans
If you don’t love him because of his dribbling, then you must be carried away by his hairstyle. If you’re currently studying this photo saying, ‘what hermione Magic was done here?’ Then we’re with you. But it’s less magic and more really expert carving.

Cristiano Ronaldo has maintained some of the best hair on Internet since his career. But it’s his bouncy waves that have us wondering what gravity-defying feat is happening here

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  1. kemdi21 says:

    Wow, this quite informative. C Ronaldo is one of my favorite soccer players, to say the least, but I never knew he spent so much time or money taking care of his slick hair. I always felt it was natural. I would one day love to make my hair look like he’s in the future. But all the same nice post.

    1. yea. C. Ronaldo has many football fans. His dedication towards the game, fitness or style making him youth

       The most noticeable thing in Ronaldo’s hairstyles is the bending of the
      hair. Ronaldo loves to try variations on same length of hairstyles. To
      get haircut like him, you will have to use much gels on your hair.
      Ronaldo has tried almost all variation of hair styles like Curly &
      Spike etc.

      thanks for coming along!

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