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For Curly Hair

Having a cute and fine hair is a big advantage, especially when it’s straight. Keeping and applying these tips requires time and attention. Following this step, will surely make your hair curly after dry. Some do start with dry hair and use a curly tips. Just remember, any step you will take, try to keep your hair straight and curly with hairspray.


1. WET HAIR – This is my first recommendation if you should apply these tips. Keep your hair wet because it will aid. wash it with shampoo. Avoid using conditioner this time, so that your hair can hold curls. We are not here to keep the hair smooth and silky but this time around we are looking up to a rougher, drier texture in order to keep curls on your hair.

Review on Hair Dryers – most recommended.



2. DRY YOUR HAIR – Your hair should be dry with towel after washing, in order to reduce the excessive water on your hair. Just keep it wet but don’t use conditioner. You can prefer to leave the hair after wash like some hours, it will eventually keep the hair damp than dripping wet. Hair dryer could have aid to its dryness but with low setting.



3. Use hair cream. Some product are specifically meant for curly and straight hair. Use them deliberately. Rub it smoothly between your palms and slowly apply it on your hair from the roots to the tips. The bigger your hair, the more cream you will apply. Sometimes, use pluses,gel or setting lotion to replace the curly hair if you don’t have any. Don’t use all prescribed cream, (SEE THIS.) verify very well before using because of this product can weigh your hair down and cause curls to fall out.


4. Roll up your hair. – Choose a specific style to roll up your hair in curl, even without using the curling iron.Put up your hair in curls. There are many easy methods to put your hair up while its damp. You can use old shirt to roll up your hair in a curled shape, sponge rollers or hair pins.



5.  Dry your hair – At this stage, you can use dryer with a low setting like 30-45 minutes or wait several hours to let it dry completely in curls. The hair will eventually staged in a curled shape. During bed time, don’t forget to tie your hair up, so that you wouldn’t spoil what you have staged.



6. Consciously unroll your locked hair –  Take it down and let your curls drop. Deliberately separate the curls with your fingers and avoid the use of brush or comb to avoid the curled hair crushed.



7. At this stage, use a recommended hairspray. Apply gently on your curled hair, it will aid to keep it straight and lasting.




Before I forget, I will recommend you not to wash your hair that same day you want to curl it, maybe after that day, no need to start washing it again as of the case of the first day, Start with day-old hair.


8. Apply your hair creams, it will aid to maintain your hair straight and fine and also keep it curly. Apply hair spray it is one of the curling iron to curl your hair. Use curl enhancing cream. Read its usage very well and apply gently. You can apply Dry shampoo on your hair in order to add dry texture. Rub it all your scalp and comb it. Avoid the usage of much hair gel because it causes hair weighed down.



9. If you want to add more texture to your hair for more curled position, take an extra step before you start to curl by applying a light coating of hairspray. Distribute it by combing it through from the roots to the tips.


10. Use rollers or hair pin to add curls to your hair. Texturizing product can help to stabilize your hair curl.



11. As I said earlier use curling iron it Helps a lot. it can help to pin your curls against your head as you form them. After your hair might have curl, coil it against your head and use a hair clip or bobby pin to hold it in place. Take them down once your hair is cool.



12. Use your finger to straight your curls, After it have cool and you have taken them down. Please, don’t use comb or brush because it will spoil what you have done, it will make your hair to come undone.



13. Lastly, what determines the longitude and it’s beautification of your hair depend strongly on the hairspray you use. Use a verified hairspray to hold your style.

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