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I was convinced on my last post, to elaborate more on the effect of shampoo on human hair. So, I have decided to write more on it this time around, which will aid for safety.

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What always come to our mind when buying shampoo, we think of lush, black, beautiful hair, but have you ever imagined what’s  effects it can cause to human hair and health?
Following This tips can  save you from the harmful effects of using shampoo daily.
when buying any cosmetic products no one would check the harsh ingredients that it contains.
We only focused on the… 
the brand
and most possibly the directions on how to use it.

Do we really need to over look in what content was it made?

Do we need to take the ingredients for granted when we are paying and buying high quality shampoos and other cosmetic items?

No, there are many harmful effects of using shampoo daily because of the toxic ingredients it contains.

Effects Of Using Hard Water On Hair Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS) used as a foaming agent is the most toxic ingredient found in shampoos, (even in the best of products). SLS is one of the active ingredients used in detergents meant for cleaning garage floors and engines.

Possible damage to hair roots and scalp occurs when you use shampoos frequently.
Shampoos are meant for cleansing, providing good hair care and more than that we all expect some cosmetic benefits also.
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Mentioned below are some of the harmful effects of using shampoo daily.

Shampoo contains Diethanolamaine (DEA), a wetting agent, and nitrite, a preservative used in shampoos.

These two chemicals reacts forming Nitrosamines – a cancer causing compound. Also, parabens, a preservative used in shampoos, can cause breast cancer as well.

Kidney & Liver Problems Diethanolamaine (DEA) or Triethanolamine(TEA) can cause potential damage to your liver and kidneys, if used frequently. Always check for the ingredients while buying shampoo. Never use low quality products on your skin as it will damage your health without you knowing it.

Hair & Scalp Problems:
The dangerous ingredient in shampoo, SLS,causes damage to hair follicles and cause hair loss. SLS, foaming agent in shampoo has protein denaturing properties causes inflammation and skin irritation with many other scalp problems.

Eye Problems :
The toxic ingredients such as SLS or SLES can cause cataract in adults if you overuse it. More shockingly, everyday shampooing in kids can hamper the proper development of their eyes.

Another chemical, Formaldehyde used in shampoos cause burning sensation in your eyes.

Asthma Some ingredients in shampoo such as DMDM hydanto in, diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, quaternium-15 and bronopol contains a chemical called formaldehyde, a sensitiser.

Asthma, chest pain and shortness of breath are some major harmful effects of using shampoo daily.

Skin Problems:
Daily shampooing decreases the natural production of oils of the skin, thus causing various skin irritations.

Frequent exposure to shampoo can cause rashes, skin inflammation, itching, redness and eczema because of the various harsh chemicals present in all the beauty products.


Immune System:
The toxic ingredients packed in shampoo can pose a threat to your entire immune system, if used repeatedly.

Mainly, the ingredients like SLS and SLES found in 95% of shampoos causes a major risk to your immune system rather acting as a good hair care ingredient.

The harmful effects of using shampoo daily are endless. So, while buying shampoo take extra care to find the ingredients listed in the label and try to go for SLS free shampoos to lessen the side effects on you.

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  1. terry says:

    hello there,

    You have some really shocking information about shampoos! Wow, I didn’t know that about shampoos…..I mean really!! Your information is really good and informative, and the only thing I would suggest, is may be place a few more images in your post, because visual is very important to a reader. thanks

    1. admin says:

      some times, one has to be cautious of what product of shampoo he/she is using. Be guided.

      Thanks also for your suggestions. I really appreciate!

  2. Hendrik says:

    Wow, that’s indeed shocking news. Thankfully I don’t wash my hair with shampoo much and my partner buys really good shampoo that has been locally made. I was shocked at the price tag but now I have checked the ingredients and there is none of that nasty stuff that you describe here in there. Thank you for putting the word out. I do use gel in my hair and I notice my scalp getting itchy from that, so I turned to coconut oil. The only problem is no my hair looks greasy. I don’t mind the look but my partner isn’t the biggest fan of it. It smells nice but it just looks wet. Any ideas on that side? Thanks

    1. coconut oil tend to seep

      into every tiny hole in your hair shaft and disguise the real problem to
      act as a quick-fix, this won’t help your hair in the long-run and is
      one of the main reasons I advise against using oils in your hair.

      If your hair has been damaged from over-processing from
      colour, or is weak and fragile, you need to get amino acids into the
      hair shaft, so definitely don’t want to coat your hair in oil.

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