Hair Damages and Remedies

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Hair starts growing at the root of your hair follicle, your scalps blood vessel feed the root, creating more cells and making your hair to grow.
Hair pushed up and press through oil gland that makes them soft and shiny.
Hair grows for a while, falls out and new regrow cycle begins
But when these hormones production is disrupted or altered, it affects other processes in the body including hair growth.

Hair Damage  occurs as a result of blow drying, dying,perming, excessive straightening,using harsh shampoo, continuous heat application on the hair,Use of tight pony tails etc. which causes a lot of havoc on the hair.

1. Anti thyroid drugs (carbinazole and propylthouracol )
2.  Treat hair gently
3. Watch iodine intake, excess can lead to imbalance
4. Try essential oil
5.  Eat well (multi vitamin)
6. Always see a doctor.Limit the use of blow dryer, hot rollers
7. Reduce heat application on hair
8. Always check the content of your hair shampoo



Scalp of hair with irregular twists which are malted and entangled to form sticky mass.

Best Food For Hair Growth


And it’s caused by infestation of Lice, vigorous rubbing of hair. Use of harmful shampoo and poor scalp hygiene.

1. Washing
2. Shaving
3. Cutting
4. Separating entangled hair



Dry and Brittle hair

Keep your hair healthy

This is caused due to moisture deficiency

1. Keep the hair shiny by applying hair ointments
2. Wash the hair



Grey hair

Most people see grey hair as a sign of old age but this is archaic as younger people also experience the same. This is as a result of ‘Regrowth’. When one lose hair,is now strand of hair with different colour pops up. It might also be as a result of vitamin D3 deficiency, dyes, radiation, genetic disorder, and hyperthyrodiom, lack of iodine, copper and mental stress

1. Increase your diet
2. Improve circulation
3. Stay hydrated







A condition in which dead skin is shed from the scalp, often producing white flakes, accompanied with itching.
The usual causes are: rash, setorrliciec, dermatitis, skin care products, lack of diet, mental stress, yeast. Treatment aims to stop it by slowing down reproduction of skin cells or counteracting the yeast production that cause it.
1. Managing stress
2. Anti dandruff shampoo
3. Anti fungi creams (kettoconazole)
4. Eat probiotics
5. Sunlight
6. Beware of styling products






Pubic Hair Lice(Pediculosis Capitis)

Hair lice are highly contagious, they are wingless insects that live on hair scalp, although they can’t fly but have claws and ding firmly to hair especially by head to head contact, sharing of combs,brushes, and caps.


1. Avoid sharing comb
2. Hair shampoo





Fungal infection of the scalp that causes round, itching, patching of hair loss on the scalp.
Ringworm is also as a result of prolonged warm moist condition of the scalp

1. Oral anti fungal drugs
2. Proper hygiene



Greasy hair
Hair scalp produce oil known as sebrum, but when produced in excess causes hair greasing

1. Shampoo

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  1. Alexander says:

    Recently, my sister and her two boys got the lice; what a nightmare it was for them.

    They first tried the ‘special’ shampoo treatment from the store, but the lice came back.

    Luckily, she found a special clinic in our area for doing a heat treatment and special combing and oil treatment to remove the nits.

    A little expensive, but the clinic method worked to get rid of the lice and is guaranteed.

    1. Shampoo for infant and young children is formulated so that it is less irritating and
      usually less prone to produce a stinging or burning sensation if it were
      to get into the eyes. which sometimes make them ineffective. So i rather recommend good diet and VITAMIN

      Vitamins for hair growth

  2. 70 percent of my hair has smooth surfaces and the remaining 30 percent are somewhat dry, brittle and coarse. But it’s the smooth ones that fall off quite frequently especially after shampooing. I’ve been wanting to know if those are due to damaged hair or just genetic. How can you tell? I use paraben-free shampoo and avoid any harsh chemical on my hair.  

    1. admin says:

      I think, it’s Normal.

      Most people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. On the days when hair is washed especially with Shampoo, people can lose up to 250 strands, Roberts said. But don’t avoid washing in an attempt to keep the hair, as it will fall out eventually, anyway. And also keep on avoiding those harsh chemicals… that’s what i have to say for Now…

      thanks very much for commenting!

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