How to look smart(tips)

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“Without the right haircut, you’re going to struggle with styling on a day-to-day basis. Get the cut right and easy hair styling in between haircuts will naturally follow. There are a few ways to find a great barber, the best being a personal recommendation. If you know someone with a good cut, ask where he gets it done. Building a good relationship with your barber is also key. He or she can, and should, advise you on head shape, suitable styles, and the right length. As soon as you’re happy with the finished result, get advice on the right product for you. Be sure to book your appointments in advance. If you don’t book in advance you run the risk of not being fit in and you’ll have to go elsewhere, which could end up ruining all that hard work with a sub-standard.


Best Shampoo So Far

A good quality shampoo and conditioner are one of the main reasons your hair always looks better when you leave the salon. The majority of men don’t use conditioner, as they believe it’s unnecessary. Not true. A good conditioner will smooth down the cuticles of your hair, making it easier to blow dry and leaving it with a much good looking.



“Many men shudder at the thought of picking up a hairdryer. The simple fact is, if you want your hair to look good, simply rubbing it with a towel after it’s washed is not going to suffice. Make sure you have a good quality hairdryer with a nozzle on the end. Ensure the nozzle is facing in the direction of the way you want the hair to go, and brush through from roots to tip. The golden rule here is very simple: The better your hair looks after the blow-dry, the better it will look after the product has been applied.”


“If you get this part wrong, your hair can look very different from how you want it to. Everybody’s hair is different, so there’s never going to be a product to suit everyone. What your friends use may not be ideal for your hair. The best person to ask is your barber, once you’re happy with your finished haircut and it’s been styled into place. As a general rule, pomade or wax are better for a sleeker style, whereas a more textured style would require a matte paste or clay. There are many specialized products in the form of sea-salt spray, texture dust, spray wax, etc. Again, your barber can advise if you need a specialist products


“Once your hair is blow-dried into the desired style, distribute the product evenly from roots to tips, and repeat this process as necessary. Be very aware not to use too much product in your hair—a gentle buildup of product to reach the sweet spot is always better than overusing it in the first place, and all hair products will require a slightly different approach. To ensure you are using the right product in the right way, buy directly from your barber after the haircut is finished. He or she can offer priceless advice to help ensure you are styling your hair in the right way.”

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