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Things to consider before going to salon

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This is one of the most important factors that determine a nice haircut. Look for a salon you can be comfortable with and a stylish you can communicate with.

i) Get recommendations:

the best way to look for a right salon or stylist is to ask and talk to a client who has worked with, look at what they got from the stylist. Or if you see a stranger with a haircut that you really love, ask what salon they go to and which stylist they see and don’t forget to get his/her details, it can give the stylist an idea of what type of look you prefer.



ii) Search for online reviews:

when you are being recommended by a family member or best friends about a particular stylist, whom they trust. It will be a more good idea to do a little research on the stylist to ensure they are the good fit for you. Research on that particular haircut you have in mind, so you can get a pretty good idea of their skill level. Some of the salons have facebook, tweeter and Instagram account where they post their cuts and styles that are done by their stylist. Check out the photos to see if you like their work.


communication is another factor that determines cute and nice hair cutting. It can be obtained through;

i) Discuss your hair concern

Before an action on your hair by the stylist, it’s a good idea to describe your hair issue or problems with your stylist. It’s through this describing, they will know whether the haircut will work for you or not. Discuss how low or high you want it to be. Describe with gesture about how the cut will look with your face shape. For example, if you have round face, you might explain that you want a style that will help make it appear longer. Even if after describing, persuade the stylist to touch and study it prior to cutting


ii) Find an inspirational photos

Browse and download photos of the type of cut that you like, it can help your stylist understand what you want. Go through some magazines to find pictures of the look that you are Going for. However, it’s important to keep in mind that just because you like the look of a certain style doesn’t mean that it’s the most flattering cut for your hair type and face shape. Not even a must you will consult the Internet, if you have a photo of yourself with a past haircut that you really liked, bring that to show the stylist. Don’t overwhelm your stylist/barber with a bunch of inspirational photos. Three or four is enough for him or her to get an idea of the type of cut you want.


iii) Be specific

hope you know that ideas differs, you and your stylist/barber may not have the same idea when it comes to certain generic terms. Instead of saying “take off a few inches”, tell them specifically how much you want the cut by holding your hand up. Don’t just tell your barber that you want low cuts, explain exactly what type of low cuts you want, such as skin low cut, Afro low cut or round cut. You must make sure they understand what you want in your haircut

iv) Be Honest about the maintenance and

v) Listen to the stylist’s expertise

Don’t be carried away by the style done by your colleagues. Listen to your stylist, if they recommend another style, don’t be disappointed, but you are better off taking the stylish word for it than winding up with a style you hate. If you have your heart set on a certain cut that your stylist doesn’t think will work for you, ask them to suggest alternatives. There may be similar looks that will work better with your hair type and texture.


i) Pay attention:

If you want to ensure that you’re happy with your finished haircut, it’s important to pay attention during the process. That way, you’ll be aware if your stylist starts to do something that you don’t like. It will also keep your head nice and straight, so it’s easier for your barber to cut accurately.
To make sure that you pay attention, it’s best not to read a magazine or play with your phone while you’re getting your haircut.

ii) Don’t micromanage:

While you should pay attention to what your stylist is doing, you shouldn’t try to do their job, which means you shouldn’t constantly be questioning what they’re doing. Asking those kinds of technical questions can actually distract your stylist, and may affect their performance.
It’s okay to make small talk with your stylist as they work, but keep the conversation light so they can stay relaxed.
You shouldn’t be afraid to voice your concerns if you think that your stylist has misunderstood what you want in the cut, though. Just make sure that you’re polite. iii) Listen to stylist recommendations:

While they are cutting your hair, your stylist might suggest certain products, such as shampoo and hair dye, that work best for your new style. Make sure that you pay attention to the recommendations so you can achieve the same look when you’re styling your hair at home.
Most salons sell the products that they recommend to clients, so you may want to pick up the items that the stylist suggests while you’re there.
If you want time to think about what products you want to purchase, ask your stylist to write down their suggestions to ensure that you don’t forget the product names.

iv) Ask about maintenance:

If you want to recreate the same look that you leave the salon with, it’s important that you understand to maintain it at home. In addition to the products that you should use, be sure to ask your stylist how to style the cut on your own. You may even ask for a walk-through of all the steps, so you’re certain that you understand.
Remember to inquire about how often you should get a trim too. While it’s usually recommended that you cut your hair every four to six weeks, a shortcut or skin cut may require more frequent touch-ups.

V) Speak up if you’re disappointed:

In some cases, even if you find a stylist that you’re comfortable with and discuss all of your hair concerns and habits, you may wind up with a cut that you don’t like. Don’t be afraid to go back to the stylist and ask for a revision — most stylists are going to want with you until you’re fully satisfied. Be polite and calm as you explain what you don’t like about the cut, though. If you’re not sure how to tell your stylist that you don’t like the style, you might say, “This isn’t really what I thought it would be.”
It’s important to point out the specific things you don’t like about the cut, so the stylist can correct them.

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